A word with Vanessa

Posted on August 1, 2018 by Brynna Gabrielson

Vanessa DaviesWe're catching up with Vanessa Davies who recently joined our Digital Experience team in the role of Digital Content Manager!

So Vanessa, tell us a bit about your role.

Well it's a very new role - both to me, and the company - so I'm still learning about it myself! But essentially I sit within our newly restructured Digital Experience Team and I'm responsible for the content that sits on our website. I work with various teams/areas across the business to understand the messages they want to share, and figure out how to convey those in a meaningful way to our customers, both present and future. A main part of this includes either writing or editing copy (particularly for SEO), and creating other content such as videos and imagery. I also work very closely with the other areas of our team, such as design, analytics, and optimisation to ensure the content is showcased in a great way, and that it's achieving the goals we have for it! 

As you said, this is a very new role for you. But you've actually been with Simplyhealth almost a year now?

Yes that's correct. I joined Simplyhealth in August 2017 in the role of Digital Marketing Executive within the Corporate Marketing team. I had a really wonderful time working with that team, and had the chance to work on some really exciting projects. For example, we launched the Simplyhealth Insights Hub earlier this year which was something I really enjoyed as content is my real passion when it comes to digital marketing!

But we almost lost you!

Almost! Funnily enough, I had actually decided to leave Simplyhealth this past Spring. I truly enjoyed working at Simplyhealth, but I very much wanted to find a role with a content focus. My family and I actually moved to the UK from South Africa last year, and back home I owned a digital marketing agency that specialised in content! So I was just about to leave the company when this new role was created. I was excited to accept when it was offered ¿ it was such a great feeling to have my skills and passion recognised. Not only do I get to do my dream job now, but I get to stay at a company that I really like!

Glad to hear you like us! Anything in particular that stands out?

Well when I was first applying for my role back in 2017 I actually had a few offers elsewhere, but I was attracted to Simplyhealth's charitable purpose. It's lovely to work for a company with such a great commitment to giving. Also with two children, I liked the small town feel of Andover. It's nice to work somewhere with a sense of community. And the people in Simplyhealth are great too. Everyone is very nice and easy to get along with.

Great things to hear! And lastly, tell us what do you like to do in your free time?

Spending time with my family is really important. My two girls are in their teens and I love spending time with them. They're both quite creative so it's great to explore new projects. One of my girls is actually teaching herself how to code right now!

Sounds like she's trying to follow in your digital footsteps! Thanks for catching up with us! Best of luck in your new role.

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