Sharing our skills for the benefit of others

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Lisa Hammerton

AU MacularAt Simplyhealth, making a difference isn't just measured in the amount of money we have been able to donate; it's the smaller, more personal things that can have an impact.  Rob Dixon, Data Protection Officer at Simplyhealth has volunteered at Macular Society to see if there is anything he can do to help:

"As supporters of the Macular Society for many years, we've struck a long standing relationship with them over this time.  The charity was looking to improve its current data protection measures and was keen for someone to assist with the review.

As part of my role, I provide Data Protection advice and guidance to staff and was more than happy to share this with Macular Society. I met with the charity and gave them an overview of what Simplyhealth does to ensure a high level of privacy and security of our customer and employee data. 

I took along examples of how we have approached things such as training & awareness, privacy and security policies and procedures, supplier review documentation and talked through how they can review their key risks and implement a breach log and an incident management process.  Following this, above, they're going to highlight their key areas of risk and I'll meet them again to talk through what they can do to address these areas specifically. 

I've found helping the Macular Society a very rewarding process.  It's brilliant to see that the knowledge I take for granted can actually make a difference to them and have a knock on effect to the privacy and security of the personal data of the, sometimes vulnerable, individuals they support.  I would highly recommend people to get involved and help where they can, whether it's the Macular Society or another worthy cause."

Simplyhealth donated £50,000 to Macular Society to fund the cost of rolling out innovative Daily Living Champion service training volunteers to demonstrate low vision aids to others with the condition throughout the UK and continue working with them today. Seven members of Simplyhealth's quality assurance team recently helped with a mailing to Macular Society's own list of volunteers at its Andover office by stuffing envelopes. This was greatly appreciated and something we're looking to exploring to help again with future mailings.

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