Supporting our employees' charitable giving - Heather's Story

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Brynna Gabrielson
Trot for lifeSimplyhealth is a different kind of business where charitable giving plays an important role for not just the company, but for the members of our staff as well. Through our community funds we are keen to support our employees in their fundraising endeavours.

Heather Bull, who works in our Marketing team, learned that her good friend Lucy, who also happens to be her brother's girlfriend, had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Lucy, who lives and breathes horses, decided to hold an event called Trot for Life to raise money for two cancer charities, the Pink Place and North Hampshire Medical Fund.

Trot for lifeThis Summer over 100 people gathered, bringing along 60 horses, to walk the eight mile 'trot'.  Though the event was arranged by Lucy, Heather and her family happily got involved.  Heather and her mother prepared a buffet for the riders and walkers, while both Heather's parents put on a BBQ to raise funds.  And of course, Heather, along with her friend and fellow Simplyhealth employee Natasha participated in the walk.

Simplyhealth was more than happy to support Heather and Natasha in their participation in the walk, and our Andover Community Fund donated £300 to support them.  

Trot for lifeHeather was happy to receive the donation and said: "The money that Simplyhealth donates when a member of staff takes part in charity work is obviously a bonus, but it's the full support and encouragement they give for us to take part in these days that really makes the difference. It means that we can make a real impact on the people and communities around us, even without the donations we all help to raise."

In addition to the £300 donated by Simplyhealth, Heather and Natasha fundraised throughout the office and raised an additional £252.

From sponsorships and donations Trot for Life raised £8,000 pounds. Find out more about the Pink Place and North Hampshire Medical Fund.