Getting to know Jordan from our Written Contact Team

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Brynna Gabrielson

AU Jordan TwiggName: Jordan Twigg
Role: Written Contact Team Advisor in Customer Services.  

What do you do within the Written Contact team?
The Written Contact Team is responsible for four areas of customer service - we handle emails and written letters, as well as Live Chat which is an online service that lets us to chat in real time to customers on our website. We also manage  queries that come through via Simplyhealth's social media channels.

What is it you like best about working in the Written Contact team?
In general I really enjoy the written aspect of customer service. I like to spend time looking into our customer's queries and crafting the responses. It gives us the chance to get really understand the customer's issue. And, as I said before, I also really like being able to work with social media.

What is it that you like so much about working with social media?
I'm such a big fan of social media and the way that it's changed customer service. Social media gives us the opportunity to offer customers the chance to interact with us in the space they want. I also like how social media gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our personality as a business but also personally. I've had some really fun interactions with customers on it.

Do you see more of your role focusing on social media in the future?
It already has begun to focus more on it actually! When I first joined Simplyhealth our social media team was looking at how we could expand our customer service in this area, and we've just recently launched a new Twitter handle dedicated just to customer service - @AskSimplyhealth. It's been a great experience being a part of the launch and we're hoping that as people become aware of it, that more people will start interacting with us on it. As tweet volumes grow, so will our team's use of social to help our customers. 

When and why did you join Simplyhealth?
I joined Simplyhealth last summer, in July (2015). Previously I worked for an agency that managed social media customer service for other companies, and really enjoyed it. When I saw the opportunity to join Simplyhealth in a role that would allow me to grow my customer service skills in other areas but keep my finger on social media, I jumped at the chance!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I'd like to still be at Simplyhealth. I really enjoy the atmosphere here and the team I'm working in is full of great people. I'd still like to be working around social media as well. I really enjoy the customer service angle, but could also see myself doing more in that space.  The importance of social media - both to companies and in the general scheme of things - is only going to keep growing and I hope to grow with it.

When you're not working, what do you do in your spare time?
I'm in a band, which funnily enough I manage the social media for. I monitor and promote the page to get as much reach as possible and these skills are easily transferable. I enjoy going to the gym three to four times a week and going to the pub with friends.

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