Product Manager Helen tells us what it's like to work in our Product team

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Brynna Gabrielson

AU Helen BlythName: Helen Blyth

Role: Product Manager

How did you come to join Simplyhealth?
Just over four years ago I was working in a marketing role and also working towards my CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Diploma. As part of the course I was writing a paper on Corporate Social responsibility. Having lived in the Andover area for a few years, I admired the great work that Simplyhealth does with charities and decided to write about the company. It was as I was researching for this paper that I found out about a Marketing Executive vacancy within Simplyhealth. The role I had been working in was very broad in terms of marketing and I was keen to try a role with more focus so I decided to apply and was successful; I started at Simplyhealth in July 2012.

You joined as Marketing Executive and are now Product Manager, can you tell us about your growth at Simplyhealth?
Simplyhealth is a great company for supporting employees with personal and career development. Over the past four years I've had the chance to attend both internal and external training courses to further develop my knowledge and skills. In my time at Simplyhealth I've had the opportunity to develop and grow within three roles. I started as Marketing Executive in Loyalty and Retention Marketing, an area of marketing which ensures customers are at the heart of the business - it starts with the first contact we have with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the relationship. After about a year and a half in this role I was encouraged to apply for a role in the Product Development team, an area I had worked with and was interested in. I accepted the position of Product Executive and just over a year ago I was successful in applying for my current role as Product Manager.

What does your role as Product Manager entail?
Simplyhealth products include cash plans, dental plans, and personal accident insurance. We work on products for both the consumer and business markets - though my role involves working mostly on consumer products. Product management is very varied role, and to use a cliché, no two days are the same, from writing proposal papers and specification documents to attending meetings and brainstorming workshops.

I work on developing and managing existing products, which includes reviewing customer feedback, performance analysis, monitoring trends and proposing improvements to our current health plans and benefits.  I also work on new product development which is an area I'm really passionate about; it gives me the opportunity to be innovative and creative. Depending on the project I'm working on, I work with a variety of teams within Simplyhealth - including research, finance, marketing, customer service and sales.

You mentioned you admired Simplyhealth's charitable work. Do you do any charitable work yourself?
I volunteer as a Brownie Leader which I've been doing for over 10 years now! I'm the Guider in Charge for my unit and really enjoy it. Simplyhealth has supported me with my voluntary role outside of work by allowing me a bit of flexibility in my schedule so I can leave early on Brownie meeting days. A couple of years ago I volunteered to be a leader at a week-long camp and Simplyhealth allowed me to use two of the company community days (paid days for Simplyhealth employees to use to volunteer).

And when you're not working or volunteering what do you get up to?
I love the outdoors, so I try and get away in our VW campervan as often as I can. I enjoy kayaking, rock climbing and hiking, and more recently, road cycling.