Supporting our employees in their charitable giving

Posted on September 9, 2015 by Brynna Gabrielson

AU Town TidyCharitable giving is an important part of Simplyhealth, tracking back all the way through our heritage to 1872 when our purpose as an organisation was first set. Last year we donated £1.4 million to health charities and groups in our local communities. While charitable giving is important to us as an organisation, it's also important to our employees and we are keen to support them in their charitable endeavours. Here are a few key ways we support them with their giving.

Community Days
Each year we make over 200 paid days available to our staff so they are able to donate their time to various charities and causes. In fact, this year Simplyhealth has made a whopping 250 days available. Employees have used these days in the past to donate their time at the foodbank, put gifts together for underprivileged children at Christmas, or visit some of the charities we support like Over the Wall. We have also taken part in community projects - for example earlier this year a group of our employees from Andover gathered to participate in a Town Tidy (a group from the day is pictured above). 

Ali - Blog image Alie from our Print and Packaging team organised the event. She said: "Being encouraged by Simplyhealth to get involved in local initiatives is an amazing thing, a team of 10 of us were able to leave our day to day work to get out and make a difference! I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to support the local environment and community. This isn't just a one off either, we are able to do this as often as we are able to organise an event. It always looks so much nicer once we are finished and its fab to see how good the team feel about their achievements too."

Match funding
Our employees often get involved in raising money for charity. Over the course of the year various teams within Simplyhealth hold fundraising events across our four locations (Andover, Leeds, Manchester and Winchester) to raise money for charity - bake sales are one of our favourite methods (check out these recipes from our MacMillan Coffee Morning last year) but we have engaged in other exciting fundraisers - for example our Manchester team took some pies in the face earlier this year for Comic Relief. Whenever these types of fundraisers are held, our local community funds try and provide a matched donation as well.

Nicola - BlogThe support doesn't stop in the office, however. Many Simplyhealth employees raise money for charity outside of work, and our community funds strive to support these employees as well. Earlier this year Nicola, from Marketing, took part in Race for Life in Huddersfield in memory of her younger cousin. Simplyhealth were happy to support her. Nicola said, "I was delighted that Simplyhealth were able to help support my Race for Life effort with a donation towards the great work done by Cancer Research. Given that I was only doing 5km, and planning to walk it (in order to accommodate three generations of family  aged from 3 to 70), I was even more thrilled that Simplyhealth donated £100 towards the cause - it was much appreciated by the whole family team!"

Give as you Earn (GAYE)
Each month our employees are given the option to donate directly to a charity of their choosing through their monthly payroll. Employees can donate the sum of their choice, Laura M Blog and Simplyhealth will match that up to £50 each month. So far this year Simplyhealth has donated nearly £10,000 through Give as You Earn. Laura from our PR team is a big fan of this benefit. She said: "Simplyhealth donates money to a number of charities but through GAYE you can choose which charity you want to give to. I donate £5 a month to a children's charity. Having Simplyhealth match fund my donation is great because you feel your donation will have a bigger impact."

If you'd like to learn more about charitable giving at Simplyhealth you can find out more here. Interested in joining our team? Check out our current vacancies.