Felcana partnership - Dr James Andrews MRCVS

This month we caught up with qualified Veterinary Surgeon Dr James Andrews MRCVS. James is the Founder and CEO of Felcana.
What is Felcana for those who don’t know already?


Felcana is a pet-health focused company who are using the latest technology to smartly connect pet owners with their dogs and cats through wearable devices and a mobile app. They’re bringing powerful technology and personalised experiences to owners, vets and health plan companies to digitally advance and improve animal health and welfare. By combining artificial intelligence, data analytics and connected devices, Felcana helps owners know what is ‘normal’ for their pet, whilst providing vets with necessary insights to help improve disease diagnosis and management. Clever stuff.

How can a Felcana product help with the care of my elderly pet?


Felcana tracks and monitors activity and rest patterns of dogs and cats over time, and provides an accurate measurement of daily calorie expenditure. When a change in these patterns occur, for example, there is a decline in activity coupled with an increase in rest, Felcana presents these changes in clear and simple visuals on a mobile app that you as an owner can share with your vet. These early insights help vets to predict, simplify and treat over 90% of health issues for dogs and cats.


How does Felcana work in my home and how does my vet get the information?


Felcana is controlled by one easy-to-use mobile/tablet app. Simply sign in to your app and monitor your pet’s activity and rest patterns each day. You can then share any insights with your vet during your next consultation.


What information will Felcana track on my pet?


Felcana’s products collect over a billion data points about each pet per year to help owners keep their dogs and cats as healthy as possible. Felcana’s latest product, Felcana Go, tracks the activity levels, rest patterns and calorie expenditure of dogs and cats. Felcana Go weighs less than a one-pound coin and is suitable for all breeds of dog and cat. Trusted by vets and developed for pets, Felcana Go is waterproof, bite-resistant and features a light to help you find your pets at night.


My pet becomes anxious at the vets, can Felcana help with this?


Felcana Go helps to monitor some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as pacing. In the future, Felcana will launch the next generation of pet care products that help you monitor and calm your pet’s anxiety in the future. Watch this space.


What other products will Felcana have available later in the year?


Later in 2019, Felcana will launch a new product, Felcana Health. This will help you to track your pet’s behaviours, habits and activities through location beacons and will alert you when a change in behaviour occurs. This is particularly useful to help identify early signs of illness, such as increased eating, drinking or toileting, helping you and your vet to keep them as healthy as possible.


In addition to Felcana Health, Felcana will be launching new products to help you keep an eye on what your pet is up to, 24/7. Felcana will also add new features to their mobile app, so you can set specific health goals for your pet and be the best owner you can be.

For more information about Felcana and how it can work alongside a pet health plan to help identify health issues before they become a problem, visit www.felcana.com