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We offer a variety of training courses to cover your business needs. From our Customer Service Excellence course, to our Soft Sales Process training, we have all bases covered. You can choose from one of our existing courses (below), or give us a call and we’ll create a course tailored to your practice and your practice team.

All of our trainers are fully qualified. They are skilled and experienced presenters. And they’re happy to appear at open days or other events. All you have to do is pick up the phone and get in touch, or speak to your Business Development Consultant. We’ll organise the rest. 

All of our courses have Continued Professional Development (CPD) accreditation and are included in your membership, at no extra cost! 

We also offer similar training courses for non-member practices. Contact us to find out more.



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Paws for thought webinars

Our free-to-view webinars provide a platform to learn and raise awareness of common issues faced in the veterinary industry.


We often host guest speakers at various events across the UK. But you don’t need to travel to benefit from our experts. We provide downloadable content whenever possible. You can catch up on the latest speakers from the comfort of your desk. And we don’t limit these webinars to member practices. You can log in and watch these informative talks and discussions at a time that suits you. 

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Training Courses

Maximising your health plan potential

Pet health plans are an important element of the client journey. 

This course is a plenary session and provides useful hints and tips for delivering health plans to new clients as well as retaining existing clients, and building a long-lasting relationship.

After completing this course, practice staff will know how to encourage customers to keep their pet health plan if they’re thinking of cancelling. They’ll also learn how to market plans to clients, and adapt their communication skills in order to increase sales and retain existing business. 


Customer service excellence

Good customer service goes a long way. It engenders trust, and loyalty amongst clients. 

On this course we explore different approaches and help you to develop a customer service ethos for your team. 

Attendees will learn customer service principles, how to handle confrontation, and how to create an action plan that can be applied in real life situations. 


The power of a positive attitude

This course focuses on how to maintain a positive frame of mind to create the best environment for success. Attendees will explore how attitude, skills and knowledge combine to create confidence. 


Soft sales process

How to sell without feeling like a salesperson. This course teaches your team how to focus on having a quality conversation with clients to maximise sales opportunities, rather than hard sell techniques.

Anticipated outcomes: Attendees will feel confident about how to have a quality conversation with a client about their pet health plan, without it feeling like a sales pitch. Instead they're taught to engage in a two-way conversation, and use the information they gather to shape the products and services to suit the clients' needs.



Client journey

Thinking about a client's experience, from their earliest contact with your practice, to how they feel after they've walked out the door, can give a unique insight into how your team approaches customer service. It aims to encourage your team to consider each client as an individual and adapt their behaviour accordingly.

Anticipated outcomes:
All delegates will be able to take a step back from their role and demonstrate an understanding of the client's experience. They will start to see the practice and all interactions from the client's perspective, enabling them to identify any potential issues. 


Growth mindset

To explore how a person's mindset impacts on their behaviours towards challenges faced throughout their lives and careers and the impact of these behaviours.  

The delegates will demonstrate an understanding of their own and other's mindsets and the impact of the associated behaviours. Delegates will be able to break down the processes they have to go through in order to complete everyday challenges they face in the workplace and personal life, setting process goals to overcome these challenges.


Handling confrontation

We’ve all experienced a challenging customer. And these situations can be tricky to navigate.  Our expert trainer will provide effective methods to help you and your team to handle confrontation. Attendees will be able to recognise what behaviour they can and can't change. And they’ll learn how to apply methods to change challenging behaviours, while remaining calm and in control.


Effective communication

Communication skills are a key part of effective customer service. This course explores the many different ways we communicate, as well as covering rapport building tips, complaints and objection handling.

Anticipated outcomes:
After completing this course, staff members will have the confidence to tackle difficult clients. They will be confident in knowing how to get the information required to provide the best service for your clients, and be able to create a comfortable 'state' where all parties can converse freely and comfortably. They will be more aware of factors which can influence how people communicate, such as listening and questioning skills, and differing communication styles.


Outbound calling

Calling a client to chase payment can be both frustrating and intimidating. Not everybody is comfortable talking on the phone. In fact, for many of us, any phone call is daunting, let alone one which may be fraught. This course will teach attendees methods to encourage a positive frame of mind before making a call. They’ll also learn how to structure a call to create positive engagement with the client.


Preparing for a successful phone call

Telephone conversations can be challenging. Not being able to see someone face-to-face means you can’t read body language and other non-verbal cues. This can create confusion. This course provides a structure that can be applied to ensure a fruitful phone call. Participants will feel more comfortable about receiving client calls as well as taking action to handle such calls with high levels of customer service.


Industry overview

Understanding “the big picture” is key on your path for success. This course provides an overview of the veterinary industry. It encourages delegates to consider what future practices will look like, and how a pet health plan can support that vision. Attendees will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the changes in the market. They’ll develop an awareness of what changes may come up in the future. Knowing that pet health plans contribute to the success of a practice, attendees will be able to confidently and comfortably recommend health plans to clients.


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The Webinar Vet  is the most trusted and preferred online veterinary CPD provider in the UK. As proud sponsors of Webinar Vet, we’re happy to be able to offer our members full access to the Practice Management Series, at no extra cost. 

With a combination of expert speakers and quality content, the Webinar Vet provides busy veterinary professionals with detailed, informative webinars. This will enable them to complete their mandatory CPD from the comfort of their own home.

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