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At Simplyhealth, we believe a healthy life is a better life.

It’s why we help customers improve their health and give them access to better healthcare. It’s also why we’ve been supporting the work of many communities since we were founded, in 1872.

But coronavirus has shown how much more we need to do to improve the nation’s health. And exposed vast inequalities in people’s ability and opportunity to live happier, healthier lives. 
So, we are doubling our effort to help even more people, from every walk of life, improve their health.

Together with our Simplyhealth community, we’re going to partner with a number of amazing charities to help them have even greater impact on the health of the lives of the people they support.
Charities like Sported, which is transforming the lives of young people facing disadvantage through sport.

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What Sported do

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Sported supports almost 3,000 amazing community groups that use the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Sported is a UK wide charity promoting fairness and equity for young people through grassroot sport and physical activity. They are the UK’s largest network of community groups supporting 160,000 young people to overcome barriers to reach their full potential.

Our vision

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We want every young person to have the same chance of fulfilling their potential.

Our purpose

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We exist to reach, include and empower communities through the sustainable local provision of sport and physical activity.

Our mission

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We help community groups survive, to help young people thrive.

Our members use the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people and build stronger, safer communities. We provide professional expertise, resources and operational support to community groups.

Get to know more about Sported

Our partnership

At Sported we’re proud to be part of a network where thousands of people are helping each other every day. Our Sported members are all doing just that – using sport to make a positive difference and help young people and the communities they’re a part of.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to cause significant disruption and challenges for our members, with additional stresses and strains including operational challenges, risk of closure, wellbeing of group leaders and the impact on young people within their community.

Without the hard-work and passion of group leaders, coaches and volunteers, community groups simply wouldn’t exist. By supporting these essential activities to get back up and running, we can help protect these groups’ futures and ensure local young people can continue to benefit from their amazing work for many years to come.

Young people smiling and enjoying sports traning

The physical return

As lockdown restrictions started to ease, many Sported member groups were eager to get back to physical activity. It was time for ‘the physical return’!

Some members had already started delivering to their young people again and many were putting plans in place. Things continue to change rapidly and our groups are having to adjust to a new way of doing things. Safety is the primary concern and although there is a lot of in-depth guidance available, we wanted to help our members find what was important for them by providing a quick checklist of things to be thinking about.

Guidance continues to change and there is a lot for our groups to think about, but we know they can’t wait to get back to activity. Sported are always on hand to support and guide them into the ‘new normal’.

More about the physical return

More about the communities we're supporting

The Equestrian Academy

Young girl and horse with head collar

"I want to come to the project every day to help Fr33dom

look after the horses. I love it here."


More about the Equestrian Academy

Vallance Community Sports Association

Junel Uddin - Vallance Community Sports Association

"Most of the young people we work with have been a part of the organisation since they were very young. They have grown up relying on us to provide activities for them."

Junel Uddin, Project Manager

More about Vallance Community Sports Association

Durham Area Youth

Boxing coach with youth boxer

“We have a young lady, 13 years old, who now wants to be involved every session and volunteering. Her confidence has grown so much. She says if it wasn’t for the youth workers, I wouldn’t be here.”

Stephen Davison, Senior Youth Worker

More about Durham Area Youth

Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club 

Amateur boxers in the ring


Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club’s mission is to make their members champions, not just in the ring, but in their own community as well.

More about Rawthorpe Amateur Boxing Club

How coronavirus has impacted Sported member groups

 “Younger people get bored very quickly without physical activities and youth club engagement. Financial uncertainties for families mean they may not be able to access activities in the future.”

 “We no longer have the resources to heavily subsidise those parents that can’t afford to pay for kids activities. We don't have the expertise to psychologically assist those that may have lost loved ones.”

“We have had to close our clubhouse and cancel all fundraising plans which has left us with no source of income to pay our coach and the bills for the club.”

 “Everything has closed down and there is no cashflow because of this. All the staff have been furloughed but still have to pay rent.”

“We worry that some of the parents won't be able to afford classes anymore.”

“We need more resources to provide extra support for participants.”

“The amount  of time they have been at home, confidence outside may be an issue.”

“Currently have no money coming in, we may have to use our own money to support the club in the coming months.

Sported CEO Nicola Walker

A few words from Sported CEO, Nicola Walker  

"Simplyhealth and Sported are united in their desire to see people and communities thrive. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Simplyhealth to ensure the wellbeing of young people often living in disadvantage.

At Sported we believe that grass roots groups have a unique role to play in engaging and inspiring young people, using sport to make a positive difference to the communities they’re a part of and improving physical and mental health. But without the hard-work and passion of group leaders, coaches and volunteers, community groups simply wouldn’t exist and coronavirus has created even more challenges. Sported provide the professional and mentoring support required for these groups to survive. With a UK wide network of thousands of groups, we ensure our members have the resources they need to grow and thrive.

With Simplyhealth’s generous support we can help these extraordinary groups during this difficult time. By supporting essential activities to get back up and running, we can encourage young people to return to positive environments and help protect these groups’ futures. Simplyhealth’s donations will lead to thousands of young people being back amongst friends, engaging in healthy activities and enjoying the best of their community. Thank you for allowing that to happen.’

Joanna Di Paola

Project Manager at Sported


Joanna will be managing the Simplyhealth project for Sported.

An experienced member of the team, Joanna has managed a number of partnership projects for Sported, most recently a coronavirus emergency response fund and a women and girls focused initiative in London and Surrey.

With almost 20 years’ experience in the community sport sector and 7 of those with Sported, Joanna truly understands the challenges of our groups, their leaders and young people.

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