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Tips ranging from the benefits of exercise, mindfulness, keeping in touch with friends and family, to not being afraid to reach out for help. Here are some of our most interesting findings:
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Score your health goals with Simplyhealth and England Rugby!


As the trusted healthcare partner to England Rugby, we've joined forces to promote health and wellbeing in sport, as well as everyday life. Our new Healthy Living Hub is just the right place to share with you some of the best advice from two of their or England Rugby’s most cherished people. With plenty of tips on boosting resilience, staying active, and feeling calm, you’ll be jumping at the opportunity to get active and feel great!


Dylan and Heather on our Healthy Living Hub


With a shared passion for keeping fit safely, we’ve teamed up with Dylan Hartley, former England captain, and Heather Fisher, England Rugby Sevens player, to bring you the most inspiring tips straight from their mouths.


Ready to perform at your best? Then it’s time to nurture your body and mind. Give our Healthy Living Hub a try and see what tips you can find to get you ahead of the game. Click the links below to watch the England stars bring their advice to life, and scroll a little further for a sit-down with Olympic performance psychologist Charlie Unwin as he discusses positivity, focus, and decision making with Dylan. 

Discover Dylan’s tips on unwinding and resetting every night.
Stretching with Dylan Hartley
Get stretching
Get to know Heather Fisher's tips on how to stay calm in the chaos. 
Calming foods and habits
Become calm

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