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At Simplyhealth, we know the benefits that come from healthier mouths and gums, and strong teeth.


The roots of good oral health run much deeper than just a winning smile. Choosing the right path when it comes to lifestyle and diet is reflected not just in our general health, but also in our mouths, teeth and gums.


Empowering and enabling people to prioritise their oral health can be a series of simple steps. At Simplyhealth, we’re making it easier for people to take these steps. Because each one will take them closer to healthier mouths – and better lives.

Mouths Matter Campaign

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Our campaign zooms in on oral health, delivering critical messages about caring for mouths, teeth and gums.


We’ll be acknowledging the importance of the mouth as a window to overall health, talking about why ‘Tiny Mouths Matter’, and putting mouth cancer in the spotlight through Denplan’s sponsorship of the Oral Health Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Action Month

Healthier Mouths, Better Lives

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Find out how caring for your mouth today opens doors to a better tomorrow.

Healthier Mouths, Better Lives

At Simplyhealth and Denplan we’ll never tire of taking action to help people live their best and healthiest lives. That’s why we make our dental plans affordable – so that people regularly visit their dentist and are able to budget for their oral healthcare needs.

Dr Louis Mackenzie, Head Dental Officer at Denplan

We're working with Dentaid

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Our Dentaid partnership


Having a healthy mouth isn’t always easy.


Bottlenecks and barriers such as lack of time, fear  and money worries block the route to a dentist’s  chair. When coupled with lifestyle challenges and a  limited understanding of basic oral hygiene, a perfect storm gathers force. 


The inevitable outcome takes hold in the form of the world’s most common diseases: tooth decay, gum disease and toothwear.


We want to highlight the challenges that prevent access to good oral hygiene. And we’ll be working to help break these barriers down.

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Guide to brushing your teeth

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How to use dental floss and interdental brushes

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