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Building a culture of wellbeing

81% of organisations in the Simplyhealth Health and Wellbeing Benefits Guide 2017 stated they have a health and wellbeing strategy in place. For many businesses, this is the first step to helping employees feel and perform well.

A focus on employee wellbeing can make your client’s organisation an attractive place to work, boost employee performance, improve staff retention and reduce absence.

Employers’ health and wellbeing priorities

We asked companies about their health and wellbeing priorities for their employees.

The results of the research included:

of companies want to reduce absence

want to increase the number of benefits offered

want all wellbeing aspects covered

How health plans can support these health and wellbeing goals

Health plans help employers:

Offer employees access to 24/7 GP services.

Provide mental wellbeing support through counselling and advisory services.

Help staff manage the costs of looking after their everyday health with reimbursement of check-ups and treatments.

Dental plans help employers:

Prevent long-term illness from occurring with a preventative dental plan.

Stop dental problems from causing discomfort or pain.

Facilitate access to cost-effective dental care.

The added value of intermediaries

We asked employers about the most important services provided by intermediaries. The responses included:

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