Prevention is better than cure. Help your clients manage absence

Supporting your clients to reduce the number of sick days their employees take.

Why reducing absence matters

Absence costs an average of £522 per employee, per year.

A health plan can cost as little as £52 per employee, per year

When surveyed, 42% of organisations said they wanted to increase focus on employee wellbeing to lower absence figures.

Reasons for absence

Illness, injury, and stress
According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Absence Management Survey 2016, in partnership with Simplyhealth, the most common causes for short-term absence are: minor illness, stress, musculoskeletal injuries, family or carer responsibilities, and mental ill health.

Ageing workforce
The UK has an increasingly ageing workforce that spends more and more time at work than ever before. This is often balanced with the responsibility of caring for family members which has a direct impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of the individual.

Mental health and long-term injuries
Stress, musculoskeletal injuries and mental ill health are also key causes of long-term absence, alongside acute medical conditions and back pain.

How health plans enable employees to perform well every day

Employers are being called upon to take more responsibility for supporting employee health. According to the Simplyhealth Health and Wellbeing Benefits Guide 2017, only 33% of employers disagree with this statement, stating health and wellbeing is not a priority.

By offering a health cash plan, employers can support their employees with receiving the treatments they need to help prevent illness.

For example, musculoskeletal conditions are among the most common causes of sickness absence. Our health plan, Optimise, includes cover for these areas, without the need for GP referral:




In addition, your clients’ employees have access to myWellbeing, an online portal offering added value including:

24/7 GP access

24/7 telephone access to GP services; all doctors are NHS practising GPs and registered with the General Medical Council.

Help when you need it

Employee assistance programme, including advice and counselling.

Ask an expert

Expert health information on treatments and conditions, lifestyle management, and travel information.

Health toolkit

Health evaluation tools including discounted health screening from Nuffield, the Denplan dental health check, and online risk assessments for the whole family.

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