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Blog Article | By Simplyhealth  27 August 2021

Fun is everywhere, whether it's a patch of grass near your home or up a tree in the park. Mountains of games are waiting when you embrace the space, and you don’t need tons of equipment to make it happen!


Rugby player Heather Fisher, along with her family and friends, share with us how you can turn every day into an adventure.

Whatever the weather there's a game to be played. Grab your friends and let the fun begin!

Escape the everyday this summer with Heather Fisher

There's magic in movement

Drone shot of Heather Fisher and family in garden

Heather Fisher, along with her family and friends, share with us how being active and moving your body can help you feel good on the inside and look happy and healthy on the outside too. No wand or spells required!

Explore how there's magic in movement

Making memories together

Heather Fisher wearing novelty glasses

Heather Fisher and her family share with us how pieces of a greater jigsaw puzzle slot perfectly into place when generations come together.

How to make memories together


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