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Blog Article | By Simplyhealth | 23 August 2021

Articled review on 22/7/2022

Making your walking routine more exciting is a fantastic way to help improve your mental and physical health this summer. 


Look at the six boredom busters below, to jazz-up your summer walks:

Woman walking and smiling whilst talking on mobile
1. Walkie-talkie


Wake up your senses by going for a walk in the fresh air. Why not call a friend and have some company along the way? The people you’re close to are only a phone call away if you can’t be with them in person - and you can enjoy a catch-up while you explore your surroundings. Make memorable conversations by describing your discoveries while you walk.

Older couple walking in summery field
2. Discover the beauty of nature


Create a checklist for you and your family to help you on your walk. You could start with easy ones like trees and flowers, then make them trickier by making them more specific, like red leaves and yellow flowers. Here are a few to start with

  1. Berries
  2. Birds
  3. Insect
  4. Flowers
  5. Leaves
Toddler being handed autumn leaves
3. Collect crafting treasures for a rainy day


How about collecting some flowers to press? Once they’re flat and dry, they could be used in a collage. Or you could gather a collection of different sized sticks to glue together and paint.

Child taking photo of nature on smart phone
4. Get snap happy


Bring your camera or phone to take photos along your walk. Take a close-up picture of something and get your family and friends to guess what it is. We’d love to see them too, so why not share them on social media and tag us @SimplyhealthUK

Man hiking across hillside
5. Set a challenge


Need some motivation? Set weekly challenges between family and friends to reach a target for a certain amount of steps in a week. Or, set yourself some personal challenges such as walking a mile a-day, or getting out in nature for ten minutes during your lunch break. Challenges and a little healthy competition can go a long way in helping you achieve what you want to

Woman wearing headphones under trees
6. Make a favourite playlist


Listening to your favourite music can really make that walk much more enjoyable. You may even find yourself walking further or faster than you set out to! Just remember to be extra careful near roads and stay alert for any hazards along the way.

Capture your day calendar screenshot
Capture your day


To help you record your walks and all the exciting things you discover along the way, we’ve created a two week 'Capture your day' calendar. Download it below for some photo fun!