Claim back prescription costs

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This simple-to-use benefit covers NHS as well as private prescriptions issued by your GP or dentist, up to benefit limits.


Depending on your health plan level, you can claim from £20 to £50 for prescription costs in a year.

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What can my prescription benefit be used towards?


  • NHS prescriptions issued by a GP or dentist
  • NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPC)
  • Private prescriptions issued by a GP or dentist - including medicines prescribed by our 24/7 GP service.
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How do I use the prescription service?


  • Send us a copy of your itemised receipt – whether you upload it using your online Simplyhealth account, or post it. You’ll need to provide a copy of the prescription slip or the prescription label to show that it’s for you
  • Send us a copy of your certificate – if you’re making a claim for an NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC).
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Will I be charged any extras?


When you’re prescribed medication while using the online GP service, you’ll need to pay the postage for the medication to be sent to you. This cost will be added to the total prescription charge when you pay over the phone, following your online GP consultation. The cost of postage can’t be claimed back through your prescription benefit.