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A video series with England Rugby's Dylan Hartley & Heather Fisher

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Video Series | By Heather Fisher & Dylan Hartley 29 July 2020

Our top priority is to keep our people and our customers as safe, healthy and supported as possible throughout 2020. And that's an aim shared by our ambassadors, former England Rugby captain Dylan Hartley and current Sevens star Heather Fisher


We sat down with both the stars to discuss how they're adapting to the hectic change that's happening all around us. They shared their experiences, going into detail on how life in professional sport has given them the opportunities to build resilience. Heather chats to Liggy Webb, an expert on human resilience and behavioural skills. Dylan catches up with former Olympic psychologist Charlie Unwin, the man behind The Thrive Project. 


Give the videos a watch below to find out the coping mechanisms Heather and Dylan have adopted, and how you can potentially live like a rugby pro to get through what is turning out to be a pretty eventful 2020.

Heather Fisher meets Liggy Webb


Find out how Heather has been getting on in lockdown in her Anxiety and Uncertainty Q&A with behavioural skills expert and best-selling author Liggy Webb. They cover topics like stress, emotions, positivity, and gratitude in the insightful 12-minute discussion.


Underneath the Q&A session, you'll find a few tips and tricks to maintain peak mental fitness. Filmed by Heather, for you. 

How Heather is keeping active with her parents

Want to discover more about keeping (or becoming a bit more) active? We've got ten tips on how to stay healthy whilst at home.

Heather provides the secrets to the best night's sleep

For anyone struggling to get their forty winks, we've got the article for you. Heather offers up a load more tips on how you can sleep better.

Helpful hints from Heather on how to feel calm and worry-free

Sensing a rise in stress levels? Liggy Webb has outlined ten ways in which you can deal with anxiety.


Looking for more health and wellbeing tips?


Our YouTube channel has you covered. Head over to access videos aimed at giving your mental and physical health a boost, direct from experts and professionals.

Dylan Hartley meets Charlie Unwin


Dylan Hartley has been sending us videos of his experience in lockdown over the past few months and we're loving how his green-fingered passion has grown, which is one of the ways he's dealing with change.


We wanted to get to know more about this and how his resilience is proving useful. Which is why we introduced him to Olympic psychologist Charlie Unwin. Together they were able to dive into how you can not just survive, but thrive in the current climate. Find out how you can build your resilience from two people who are well-versed on the subject. 


Like with Heather, we've got the videos underneath the Q&A. Dylan sent them over straight from his garden. His focus has been on getting outdoors, stretching, and unwinding. 



Dylan provides a few pointers on how and when to get your stretches in

In need of Dylan's stretches? Our guide to working from home in comfort can help you avoid the annoying aches and pains. 

A green-fingered guide from a former England captain

Growing a garden of wonder is good for both the mind and body. We've noted down the ways in which your mental wellbeing can benefit from the great outdoors

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