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Blog Article | By The Simplyhealth Team 11 December 2020

Every family has Christmas traditions, whether it’s hanging your homemade stockings, or leaving out milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeers. But this year why not add some new traditions? All four of these activities are an ideal way to give your mental wellbeing that extra sparkle during the festive period.

Gingerbread house - festive baking
Be a festive foodie

Spend a cold winter’s afternoon with a hot chocolate and decorate a gingerbread house. This is the perfect activity whether you want something to bust your boredom or keep the children entertained. And the best bit is once you’ve appreciated your masterpiece you can enjoy a sweet treat.


Try your hand at mulled wine or cider, you can make them alcohol-free and add in extra fruit and winter spices like cinnamon to give your winter warmer that extra something. This is a tradition you can perfect over time, share it with friends and family and let them give it the taste test, and of course, you can enjoy the winter aroma while you brew it.


Tip: Make sure you have something to weigh down the corners of the paper so that it stays flat while you’re creating

Cutting and making christmas crafts
Add a personal touch

Get crafty this Christmas, whether you’re the queen of quilting or totally novice, crafts are a fun activity for everyone. It can be as simple or extravagant as you make it.


Design your own wrapping paper:


What you’ll need:

  • Roll of brown paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Stamps, sponges or paint brushes


Once you’ve got everything you need, go to town, create whatever patterns or designs you want to, and once it’s dry you can wrap your presents in your bespoke paper.


Tip: Make sure you have something to weigh down the corners of the paper so that it stays flat while you’re creating

Writing a letter to Santa
One for the kids

It’s a timeless tradition that many families have done for years. But if you haven’t already then sitting the kids down to write that magical letter to Santa is a tradition you’ll be sure to keep.


Tip: The earlier they write their wish list, the more informed you are for your Christmas shopping

Playing board games with the family at Christmas
Family favourites

Schedule in a games night, whether it’s with friends or family it’s bound to lift the mood and bring out some competitive spirit.


With 2020 in mind you may have to get creative with the games and how you can adapt them virtually, or you could opt for everyone’s favourite, a quiz night!


If you’re lagging a little over Christmas and just need an afternoon curled up on the sofa, why not indulge yourself in a Christmas movie marathon. From old classics like Miracle on 34th Street to the laugh out loud Home Alone series. There is bound to be something you’ll love.

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