Coronavirus answers for our customers


  • What should I do if I start experiencing coronavirus symptoms?

    If you think you might have coronavirus symptoms, please stay at home and follow the latest NHS guidelines.

  • I feel like I have a cold but no temperature. I’m concerned but not sure what I should do

    One of the benefits of being on a cash plan is Simplyhealth's 24/7 GP service.  You can access help with any health concerns you have that aren’t Coronavirus related.

Your claims

  • Are you processing paper claims?

    Yes, we are. However, to decrease our paper usage we do recommend claiming through our online channels ( if possible.

  • Can my benefit cheque be reissued by direct credit as I am self-isolating and can’t get to the bank to cash it?

    Yes, we can do this, but please contact us with your banking details either by email [email protected] or webchat on our website  

  • Can I claim for self-isolation under the hospital benefit on my plan?

    The Simplyhealth hospital benefit is a single cash amount that is payable to you if you need to be admitted to hospital as a day or overnight patient. It does not cover you for treatment that was carried out, it does not matter what you were admitted to hospital for.

  • Can I claim on my plan for the coronavirus test?

    No, the test needs to be conducted through NHS and therefore is not one you need to pay for. If you have the symptoms then you should stay at home and follow the latest NHS guidelines: 

  • Can I claim for PPE?

    Simplyhealth is committed to supporting our customers through the frequently changing environment we find ourselves in and are adapting our approach accordingly.

    As practitioners have started to re-open we have seen an increase in charges for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  We recognise that we need to be flexible in making sure our customers are able to use their wellbeing plans as they need.  In order to give customers the choice, we have committed to pay the PPE costs associated with treatment covered by their plan and carried out under the existing benefit limits. 

    For example if a customer has an Examination, and the total cost is £75 but is charged £25 for PPE, when the customer makes a claim we will reimburse the £25 for the PPE out of the Examination benefit up to policy limits.  Customers may not wish to claim for PPE and instead use the benefit for treatment which is why we’ve taken this flexible approach.  The customer will need to provide a receipt as normal and specify how much they are claiming.  In this example, it would be either £50 for the examination, or £75 for the examination and PPE charge. 

    Customers do not need to supply a receipt with the PPE charge itemised as we know that not all practitioners are able to do this but they do still need to provide a receipt for the treatment with the PPE included.   

    We will continue to reimburse PPE claims (where separately itemised and requested by customers) until 30 September 2021, when this initiative will be reviewed in line with the current climate.

Your Policy

  • How can my health plan help me during this time?

    During these uncertain times, your Simplyhealth plan can support you in a number of ways.

    Our 24/7 GP service can help you with medical concerns, and our EAP service can give you advice on a number of issues including financial wellbeing.

    All these services, as well as resources to support your mental and physical wellbeing, can be accessed via your myWellbeing page. 

  • I'm not able to attend my dental appointment - should I cancel?

    It is likely that your dental practice will contact you to postpone these appointments.  If you do not hear from your dental practice, we recommend that you contact them to cancel your appointment and rearrange it for a later date.

    Please be assured that during usual working hours, and whenever possible, dental practices are caring for patients with:

    • Advice
    • Analgesia (medication that acts to relieve pain) and 
    • Antimicrobial agents (e.g. antibiotics used against bacteria) 

    where appropriate. 

    Care is still available for emergency and urgent dental problems. If you are in pain, have bleeding, or swelling, or have had an accident and need urgent dental care, please contact your dental team. They will be able to decide how best to care for you.

  • If I do need to be hospitalised, will this be covered under the hospital benefit?

    The Simplyhealth hospital benefit is a single cash amount that is payable to you if you need to be admitted to hospital as a day or overnight patient. It does not cover you for treatment that was carried out, it does not matter what you were admitted to hospital for. 

  • Can I use my GP Service to declare me fit to return to work?

    The Simplyhealth GP service cannot declare you fit for work in relation to coronavirus, however the NHS has given some very specific guidance on returning to work after experiencing coronavirus symptoms here: 

  • Will Simplyhealth pay me sick pay if I'm unable to work?

    Simplyhealth will not cover any lost wages. For the latest government guidance around sick pay, click here: 

Contacting us

  • How do I get in touch with Simplyhealth?

    Whether you’re an existing Simplyhealth customer, or you’re interested in joining us, you can find out the best way to contact us here: