Coronavirus answers for our customers


What should I do if I start experiencing coronavirus symptoms?

I feel like I have a cold but no temperature. I’m concerned but not sure what I should do

Your claims

Can my benefit cheque be reissued by direct credit as I am self-isolating and can’t get to the bank to cash it?

Can I claim for self-isolation under the hospital benefit on my plan?

Can I claim on my plan for the coronavirus test?

Can I claim for PPE?

Your Policy

How can my health plan help me during this time?

I'm not able to attend my dental appointment - should I cancel?

If I do need to be hospitalised, will this be covered under the hospital benefit?

Can I use my GP Service to declare me fit to return to work?

Will Simplyhealth pay me sick pay if I'm unable to work?

Contacting us

How do I get in touch with Simplyhealth?