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Video GP: A guide

by The Simplyhealth Team & Square Health

Video GPs are becoming more and more popular, but what exactly are they? How do they work? We've sat down with Square Health, the provider for our GP service, to demystify the technology. 


Scroll down to find get answers to these questions:

  • What is a video GP?
  • Do I need to be registered for the video GP?
  • How do I book a GP appointment?
  • Can I choose the GP I see?
  • Can you get a prescription through a video GP?
  • Can you get referrals through an online GP?
  • Are my health records shared with my current doctor?
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What is a video GP?


Simplyhealth's Video GP is an online doctor service that allows you to speak with a doctor at a convenient time, from the comfort of your own home, work, or anywhere you choose. Appointments are held through an app or digital device using video call technology and provide a face-to-face experience without going into the practice.


Video GP is accessed through our SimplyConsult app, with consultations provided by Square Health Limited.


With reviews, benefits of using the app, and the step-by-step process, find out how Video GP, our online doctor service, could work for you.

Do I need to be registered for the video GP? 


For SimplyConsult, you'll need to have a Simplyhealth plan to be able to access the video GP service.


Once you have a plan, you simply download the SimplyConsult app and register using the same details previously provided to Simplyhealth. You'll be asked to fill out a medical profile which includes details about current medication and health conditions, allergies and your NHS GP.

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How do I book a GP appointment?


Once you have the SimplyConsult app and are registered, you can book an appointment in minutes.

  1. Click on “Health Services”
  2. Select who the appointment is for
  3. Select “Video GP Consultation”
  4. Enter a few details regarding the reason you are calling
  5. Choose your time-slot and GP preference
  6. Done.
Can I choose the GP I see?


The simple answer is yes.


All of our GPs are friendly, experienced, NHS-practising GPs, with exactly the same qualifications as your own NHS GP. You can review a personal and professional biography of a range of GPs before deciding which one you would like to book.


And, if you've already had a consultation you can arrange to see the same GP again.

Can you get a prescription through a video GP?
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Yes. If the GP thinks it’s appropriate, they can issue a prescription to be sent to you.


They can also arrange for the medication to be delivered to you directly should you wish. There is a cost for this service that will not be covered by Simplyhealth.

Can you get referrals through an online GP?


Yes, where appropriate our GP’s can issue a referral letter. There may be some cases where you have to see your own GP, but that can be discussed during your appointment.

Are my health records shared with my current doctor?


Following your consultation, your health history will be updated within the app and stored securely by Square Health. You can access this at any time and share it with your NHS GP. In certain medical situations, it may be necessary for Square Health to share information with your NHS GP.

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The convenience of using a video GP
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We're proud to offer SimplyConsult as part of our Simplyhealth plans. So much so we've written why we think video GP appointments are so useful.


We've also included how you can book an appointment today, and the follow-up process if you get a prescription. 

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