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Our counselling services: A guide

by The Simplyhealth Team

Your questions around counselling and our service, answered by the clinical team here at Simplyhealth.


Find out:

  • Who you can talk to
  • The benefits of Simplyhealth's counselling service
  • How to access telephone counselling
  • Can you get online cognitive behavioural therapy?

Need someone to talk through your problems with?


The pandemic has emphasised our human need for regular social contact. Mental wellbeing is crucial, yet some people have been deprived of any communication with the outside world at all. This is causing concern for healthcare professionals, friends, family and employers. But there’s no need to go through this unusual situation alone. Telephone counselling and advice services provide a way to help you cope with troubles you may be facing, and mental struggles you may need a hand with, quickly and confidentially.


Here’s what you need to know about our 24/7 telephone counselling service, provided by Health Assured.


What are the benefits of Simplyhealth's counselling service?


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Speaking to people you know can be useful for many problems, but sometimes you may want some support from a professional.


Whether you have a health issue, legal concern, financial challenge or a relationship question, you’ll be able to speak to a friendly specialist confidentially. 

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Immediate help


Your call will be answered by a qualified counsellor or advisor. This ‘in the moment’ support covers a variety of different subjects, including:


  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety, low mood or depression
  • Health and lifestyle issues like smoking and weight loss
  • Support with renting or conveyancing - house buying and selling
  • Legal concerns - probate, power of attorney, challenging parking tickets, neighbour disputes, etc.
  • Emotional support
  • Stress management
  • Marital changes
  • Financial issues
  • Parental support
  • Relationship concerns.


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For others in your home, too


Pass the phone number on to the people you live with who are over the age of 16, who are named on your policy, so they can use it too.


They may be facing challenges you’re unaware of, like exam stress, bullying, depression or money issues. It’s worth offering them another way of getting help if they need it.

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Qualified counsellors


If you have a legal or financial question, we have specialist teams on hand with legal and financial qualifications and experience.


If you need emotional support, then you’ll be able to speak to someone who’s qualified in counselling or psychotherapy,


This service is provided by Health Assured, one of the leading counselling supply services, so you’re definitely in good hands. They follow the code of practice issued by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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Available 24/7, literally any day


You can speak with a qualified professional 24 hours-a-day including bank holidays, like Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


We know that these times can be particularly challenging for many, so the support is there for you when it’s needed most.

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Face-to-face over video call


For some people, it can be difficult explaining concerns over the phone. It can be good to see a friendly face, knowing they understand. 


Health Assured have you covered with an online counselling option, which means you can use a video link to speak to a counsellor.


The Simplyhealth Plan

Like a subscription for your health.


Our health plans provide access to telephone counselling 24/7.

We're here for you when you need us.

How do I get access to telephone counselling?


Call the number in your online portal anytime


You’ll speak to a qualified counsellor straight away, and they may be able to help you instantly, depending on the nature of your call.


Store the number in your mobile so it’s there whenever you need it. This number is available on your online Simplyhealth Plan account.


Structured therapy


If your issue needs more formal support, you’ll be matched with a counsellor within 48 hours, and generally, you’ll have your first formal session of talking therapy within 7-10 working days.


You can have up to six sessions of structured therapy. If you joined your Simplyhealth Plan through work you’ll be offered up to six structured therapy sessions via phone or face-to-face near home or work.

Man using the counselling service to speak to a professional

Can you get online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)?


If clinically appropriate you may be offered online guided CBT using SilverCloud, the industry-leading platform for the delivery of online evidence-based behavioural change. Designed to help manage specific symptoms, feelings and behaviours and equip you with effective solutions.

Don’t suffer at home, pick up the phone


Over the course of 2020, through lockdown, our service has seen a 44% year-on-year increase in anxiety calls. That's no surprise. And we've all suffered in some capacity. But remember you aren't alone. Don’t hesitate if negative thoughts are taking over your life. There’s always someone there for you who’s willing to help.


To benefit from 24/7 telephone counselling and advice, register for your Simplyhealth Plan now and download SimplyConsult today on the Google Play Store for Android or App Store for Apple users.

Maintaining your mental wellbeing


Exercising in the garden to improve mental wellbeing


Exercise can encourage a healthy mind


Exercising is great. That's a basic statement. But why do we love it so much?


Well, it can help with stress. It can boost your mood. And it can help you get a solid night's sleep.

A man dealing with grief looking out over a lake


Dealing with the loss of a loved one


One of the hardest challenges in life is losing the people we love. And nothing can really prepare you for it.


We've worked with Health Assured to provide a support guide for those experiencing grief. 

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Discover other health treatment


With a Simplyhealth Plan, we're all about taking a proactive approach to health and wellbeing.


Discover the range of services and treatments we cover with our plans, and how visiting a specialist now can help in the long run.  

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