Pet Health Plans

Keeping your pet in the best possible health

We provide local vet practices in your area with pet health plans.


A pet health plan allows you to spread the cost of your pet’s routine preventative health care.


All of the plans include flea and worm treatment, annual vaccinations and six monthly health checks with your vet. Our vet practices know their customers best, so they decide what else they’d like to include, such as discounts on standard treatments and procedures like neutering and spaying or special diets your pet may need.

Pet health plans and insurance. What's the difference?

Pet health plans


A pet health plan will cover you for regular, pre-defined treatments such as vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments, and regular check-up visits to your vet. The everyday things that pet insurance generally doesn’t cover. 

Pet accident insurance


Insurance doesn’t cover you for everyday pet healthcare needs but it can cover potentially expensive and unexpected injuries or illnesses.

You can protect yourself against unexpected treatment costs with Simplyhealth Pet Accidental Injury Cover, a low cost insurance option designed for pet owners who want a simple product that suits their needs rather than full cover pet insurance.

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Health Plans for Horses

Health Plans for Horses

At Simplyhealth Professionals we realise horses and other large animals present a whole new set of challenges for veterinarians. We have successfully applied the knowledge and winning formula from our dog, cat and rabbit plans to suit the equine preventive care market, and created equine health plans. Please note offers, terms and conditions may differ for the Republic of Ireland.


For more information how this works please contact us on: 0300 100 1051.

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Benefits of a pet health plan

Working together for a healthier, happier life for your pet

  • Know that you’re protecting your pet with regular vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatment.
  • With regular visits included in your pet’s health plan, your vet has the chance to spot early warning signs of any illnesses or conditions your pet may develop, so treatment can start earlier.
  • Get the right care for the right stage of your pet’s life as plans are designed to suit all age ranges, from puppy and kitten to adulthood.
  • Monthly Direct Debit allows you to budget for your pet’s essential healthcare.
  • In some cases, your vet will grant you exclusive discounted prices on other services and treatments, including food from your local practice if they have supplied this option in their plan.
  • Be reassured that you are providing the most proactive care for your pet throughout its life.

Get in contact about a pet health plan


Our plans are available for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. As each plan is individual, our practices set their own prices, so you can ask your vet directly what the cost will be.

Call us on 0300 100 1051 or email us at [email protected] with any questions. Alternatively you can use our contact page. A member of our team can give you more information and point you in the direction of your nearest pet health plan provider.

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