SimplyMe and your sleep

Sleep gives us the energy to do better


Just like SimplyMe supports you every night on your personal health and wellbeing journey, Simplyhealth exists to help the UK access and afford the healthcare treatments and services they need. This has been our purpose since 1872, and it still drives us today.


Getting enough sleep is a vital cog in the wheel of good health. Not only does it let your body repair but it’s even been linked to preventing obesity, heart disease, and how long you’re ill for.

Dream big and sleep better

In 2018, only 17% of UK adults were enjoying the NHS's recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. And that was before lockdown happened! Let’s change that… 


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How to get the best sleep


Want to improve the quality of your sleep? Wellbeing expert, Liggy Webb shares her five ways to get the best rest and recharge.

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Sleep well to be well


Sleeping badly can impact your memory and your ability to concentrate. Here’s our top sleep tips, plus an interactive sleep diary.  

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Find more in our Body Hub


Staying fit and eating well every day can do wonders for your night’s sleep. Start making healthier habits with tips from the experts.

The 1-2-3 Health Plan

We’re like a subscription service for your healthcare.

From £10 a month, our health plans help you get fast, virtual access to essential healthcare services, plus cover for prescription costs and physio treatment to sort aches and pains.

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24/7 access to a GP

Poor sleep getting in the way of daily life? You can book a video appointment with a GP to discuss your options through our SimplyConsult app.

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From teeth-grinding to help with snoring, a dental examination can help improve your sleep and keep your mouth healthy at the same time.

*Available from level 2

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24/7 access to counselling

For specialist advice on sleeping better, our health plans can connect you to a counsellor 24/7 for cognitive behavioural therapy.

Other free resources to help ease sleeping problems:


When your head is hitting the pillow and you’re not drifting off stress can creep in, making matters worse. Turn your bedroom into a place of rest with help from the professionals.


The Sleep Council


“Offers practical advice and support to help you adopt healthier sleep habits.”

The Sleep Charity


“The Sleep Charity is one of the leading, independent expert voices on sleep issues in the UK and its mission is to help everyone get a better night’s sleep through advice, education, and support.”

Find more with the NHS


The NHS can help answer your questions on sleep and tiredness to help you fall asleep more easily.

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Introducing HeadUp


HeadUp is the leading science and technology company who designed and built the SimplyMe app. Their mission, “to help people take control of their health. And not just live a longer life – but to live a better one” very much aligns with Simplyhealth.


Glenn Riseley, HeadUp founder and CEO, spent 14 years in the corporate wellness sector developing a world-class wellbeing program for global businesses before bring the ‘human dashboard’ that you see in the SimplyMe app to life.