SimplyMe and your heart

We like to keep health simple and matters of the heart preventable


Just like SimplyMe supports you every step of the way on your personal health and wellbeing journey, Simplyhealth exists to help the UK easily access and afford the healthcare services and treatments they need. This has been our purpose since 1872, and it still drives us today.


We know that prevention is better than cure, and adopting healthy habits that help to optimise your overall wellbeing may help to keep you healthier for longer.


If you feel that you need support from a professional, consult your GP or visit the heart organisations below now for free. 

Love your heart by living healthily


The British Heart Foundation has found that right now around 7.4 million people are living with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK. Try out our expert’s tips to reduce the risk…


Woman stretching in park to look after her heart

7 ways to look after your heart


Making these small lifestyle changes can really help care for your life-giving heart. Remember, a little effort can go a long way!

Women enjoying eating healthy food outside

'Tried and tested' healthy recipes


The Simplyhealth team have been busy trying out a variety of the British Heart Foundation’s heart-healthy recipes from home.

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Find more on our Healthy Living Hub


Want to live life to the full? Our Healthy Living Hub has articles, guides, and expert insight on how to stay well, mentally and physically.

The 1-2-3 Health Plan

We’re like a subscription service for your healthcare.

From £10 a month, our health plans help you get fast, virtual access to essential healthcare services, plus cover for prescription costs and physio treatment to sort aches and pains.

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24/7 access to a GP

Showing signs of a heart-related problem? You can book a same day video appointment with a GP to get the advice you need, quickly.

Optical benefit icon


Regular visits to the opticians can help identify general health problems like high blood cholesterol and diabetes, as well as test your sight.

*Available from level 2

 Physiotherpay treatment icon


With no GP referral necessary, you can seek private physiotherapy treatment to help keep your body and heart active.

Free helplines for wholehearted support


For specific guidance on managing heart conditions or adopting a healthier lifestyle, medical professional advice is available.


British Heart Foundation


“Experienced cardiac nurses can help with lots of queries and concerns about heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors.” 

Heart UK


“Specially qualified nurses and dietitians offer impartial information and support on cholesterol and related conditions, including healthy eating and genetics.” 

Find more with the NHS


“If you notice chest pain, leading up to your jaw, neck arms and back or shortness of breath you must call 999 straight away.”

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Introducing HeadUp


HeadUp is the leading science and technology company who designed and built the SimplyMe app. Their mission, “to help people take control of their health. And not just live a longer life – but to live a better one” very much aligns with Simplyhealth.


Glenn Riseley, HeadUp founder and CEO, spent 14 years in the corporate wellness sector developing a world-class wellbeing program for global businesses before bring the ‘human dashboard’ that you see in the SimplyMe app to life.