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Get physiotherapy triage consultations, advice and reassurance through the SimplyConsult app - ensuring you can look after your health at home.

With up to 8 triage sessions per year,  you'll be able to get your aches and pains checked out.

Appointments are available 8am - 7pm weekdays. 10am - 1pm Saturdays. Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

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and speak to a physio from the comfort of your home.

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How to access virtual physio appointments via the app


Download the app icon


Once you've downloaded SimplyConsult, open the app and register using your Simplyhealth details.

Health services icon


Select Health Services, and choose who the appointment is for.

Medical paperwork icon


If you haven't already, you will be asked to fill out a short medical profile, which includes details on current medication, allergies and your NHS GP.

GP icon


Select Video Physio Assessment, follow the steps to choose a day and time to suit you.

Calendar icon


You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes before your appointment, and a 30-second countdown. To start your appointment, simply log into the app. When the ‘join’ button turns purple, tap it to begin.

Appointment icon


After your appointment, you can view the notes from the physio in the SimplyConsult app.

The physiotherapy appointment


UK-based, online physiotherapy consultations for our Simplyhealth customers through the SimplyConsult app.


Experienced professionals

Video consultations with experienced, UK-based physiotherapists.

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to get physiotherapy consultations and advice at your fingertips