Staying mentally well

Stay mentally well during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown | Support from Simplyhealth

The importance of resilience shouldn't be understated, especially as we make our way through a strange 2020. Lockdown, and slowly coming out of it, will have a significant impact on our lives. And going through so much change will cause heightened stress levels, even anxiety around difficult situations. That's why we created our Mind hub, a selection of articles to help boost your mental health. We want to promote positive mental wellbeing and provide ways in which you can adapt and thrive.


To do this, we've partnered with authorities in the field, including award-winning author Liggy Webb and mindfulness experts HeadUp Labs, the people behind the successful HeadUp health and fitness app. We've also worked with Olympic Performance Psychologist Charlie Unwin to create The Thrive Project, a step-by-step guide to help you unlock your mind's potential.

Managing anxiety




10 tips for coping with anxiety

10 tips for coping with anxiety


Liggy Webb's ten things to do to help you cope with anxiety, including a bit of exercise and limiting the amount of news in your life. 

Master the 10 tips



How we can deal with anxiety during stressful times

Woman video-calling her family


Liggy Webb helps us navigate the feelings of anxiety which are normal as the lockdown's aftershock continues to disrupt and dominate our lives. 

Manage stress-induced anxiety

Building resilience




Dealing with change through resilience 

Mum and daughter gardening to build resilience


We're all experiencing a change of pace that may seem disruptive, overwhelming and, at times, exhausting. But we can get through it with resilience.

Dealing with change



10 tips for dealing with change

Mum and daughter home-schooling together


Liggy Webb has outlined 10 ways to deal with change throughout this hectic year, from embracing change through to having a plan.

The 10 tips of change



A chance to reset some habits?

Man opening his curtains, new day, new habits


We all have the routines that work for us, but they may have been disrupted over the past few months. That isn't a bad thing. Discover how you can reset some of your bad habits going forward. 

How to adapt

Boosting mental wellbeing




A guide to growing veg

Growing vegetables indoors during lockdown


Do it like Dylan Hartley, discover how you can grow both veg and your mental wellbeing at the same time with our hands-on guide. 

Get growing



The mental wellbeing benefits of gardening

Lady watering the flowers in her garden


If you have a garden, make use of it. There are so many aspects that enhance positive mental wellbeing. We've even made a list! Please note, we do mention talking to plants. That's normal.

Learn the benefits today



How exercise encourages a healthy mind

Lady doing yoga in the garden keeping healthy


Exercising is good. That's a basic statement. But why is it so good? It can help with stress. It can boost your mood. And it can enhance your brainpower. Ready?  

Exercise and mental health

Supporting mental health at work (at home)




Lets talk about mental health

Lady discussing her mental fitness on a video call


We need to remove the stigma. Your mental fitness is much like your physical fitness. It's not always at its peak, and that's ok.

Mental health: Discussed



7 valuable mental wellbeing resources

Guy chatting to colleagues about mental wellbeing


Does your company have a mental health initiative? Get a guiding light on workplace mental wellbeing with these 7 free resources. 

Discover the resources



How to manage workplace mental health from home

Man video-calling with colleagues about mental health


Advice from experts on how to manage the mental wellbeing of yourself and your colleagues while out of the office environment. 

Learn the signs

Experiencing grief




Dealing with grief

Looking out over a lake dealing with grief


Nothing can really prepare you for losing someone you love, but in this guide, we provide some support.

Coping with loss


The Thrive Project

for your mind and body


Charlie Unwin Thrive Project Illustration
A three-part series to improve your mental and physical fitness in 2020, delivered by an Olympic performance psychologist.


Charlie Unwin has worked with some of the best, and now he's created a guide to help you during these pretty tough times in lockdown. Enhance your mental and physical wellbeing in three articles, broken down into manageable chunks, accessible to everyone.


Let's get started.

Learn to thrive today