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Your body's health is as important as your car's

From £12.62 a month, A Simply Health Cash Plan introduced by Marmalade makes it easy to get the healthcare you need. Get access to opticians and specialist practitioners without the need for a GP referral. In fact, you could claim for treatment you receive on the same day you join.

Marmalade and Simplyhealth: health cover for new drivers

As an adult, everything costs us money. Including our basic health. 

Things like prescriptions, eye tests, glasses, and dentist appointments can eat up all our spare cash. 

Who has £100 spare to spend on a pair of trendy glasses, anyway? That’s at least two tanks of fuel… Or a whole weekend of work.

Well, you’re in luck. 

With a Simplyhealth Health Cash Plan introduced to you by Marmalade, you can claim towards the costs of all these healthcare bills. And have 24/7 access to a telephone GP and counsellor.

You’ve got your car covered with Marmalade. So let’s get your health covered too.

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So, what is a health cash plan?


A health cash plan makes it easy to get the treatment you need. When you need it. 

Our plans help you spread the cost of typical health bills. Starting from £12.62 per month, you’ll be able to claim back benefits worth up to £385 a year.

This covers both private and paid-for NHS health treatments.

You don't need a GP referral. And we don’t need to know your medical history.

You simply sign up. Go to your appointment. Keep hold of your receipt and claim back the cost of your healthcare bills.

Get health cover on the go
Get dental cover for young drivers
Optical cover for first time drivers
Stay healthy wherever you go

What’s in it for me?

So, let’s be honest: your health might not be the most exciting thing to spend your money on. 

By getting a Simplyhealth Health Cash Plan introduced to you by Marmalade, you can save time and spread the cost of staying healthy - leaving more to spend on those exciting things - like MOTs!

What's included?

  • 24/7 GP access and counselling support  - You shouldn’t wait for your health – physical or mental. Whatever concern you have, speak to a GP or counsellor the same day with our 24/7 service.

  • Glasses, contact lens prescriptions, eye tests - Your eye care is covered. And that includes prescription sunglasses, for the famous British sunshine.

  • Dental and hygienist costs - Dental care isn’t just the check-ups. If you need treatment, you can claim on your plan.


  • Choose your practitioner - We're not fussy. You can see your regular specialist (eg: chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist, optician, dentist etc). As long as the practitioner is covered by the correct governing body, they're covered by us.

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered - You can start claiming straight away, even if you already need treatment when you join (except for the hospital benefit, which excludes pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months). We want healthcare to be accessible.  

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How it works

Claiming is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Getting access to healthcare is simple with Simplyhealth. And so is our claiming process. 

Book your appointment with your healthcare specialist (eg: dentist, physio etc), see your chosen specialist and pay for the treatment.

Submit your claim and receipt online, or claim it by post. This is a lot easier, and quicker, than people think!

We review your claim and, once approved (usually within a few days), we'll pay you back.

We want you to claim!

Unlike most types of insurance, we encourage you to claim on your health cash plan!

Our purpose is to make it easy for as many people as possible to get access to the healthcare they need, when they need it. We exist to help you get the healthcare you deserve. We're here to help you pay for your healthcare costs. 

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We exist to make it as easy as possible for people to access the healthcare treatments they need. This has been our purpose since 1872, and it still drives us today. We aim to serve as many people as possible in the UK – for the long term. We do this via health insurance services, lobbying, and helping our communities thrive.

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