A healthy workforce is a productive workforce

Health and dental plans promote health and wellbeing in the workplace, focusing on preventative healthcare.

Preventative business healthcare

Preventative healthcare encourages employees to have routine check-ups as well as seeking professional advice at the early stages of a health problem.

Benefits for your company

At Simplyhealth we believe that proactively supporting employee wellbeing is a business necessity.

Our health and dental plans encourage talent within businesses to maintain their everyday wellbeing and performance through making it easy for people to receive the treatments they need.

And if your people continue to perform well physically, mentally and financially, so does your business.

What is a health plan?

Corporate health and dental plans (also known as health cash plans) enable your employees to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare, for a regular, monthly premium.

There are different types of funding methods available to suit companies of all sizes and structures, including company paid, as a flexible benefit, salary deduct and voluntary.

Claiming for employees is easy, quick and simple. Online claims are usually paid within two working days and there’s no paperwork required.

We offer two types of preventative healthcare plans:


Our health plan, covering a range of treatments including visits to the optician, dentist, physiotherapist, chiropodist and more.

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Our dental plan focuses on dental treatment such as routine examinations and hygiene treatments.

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With Optimise, our health plan, employees also have access to myWellbeing, offering a wide range of valuable health and wellbeing services.

Health plans as part of a benefits package

Health and dental plans are an important part of an employee benefits package and can fit alongside other popular benefits such as cycle to work schemes, childcare vouchers and private medical insurance.

Private medical insurance typically pays for unexpected and sometimes long-term health issues whereas healthcare plans are a preventative approach, supporting employees’ everyday health.

Funding methods

We have four methods of funding available. Talk to one of our expert team for more information and advice.

Company paid health cash plans are offered as a core benefit for all your employees with the premiums paid in full by the company.

If you offer a flexible benefits scheme, health cash plans can be one of the benefits employees can choose from.

A salary deduct scheme gives employees the option to buy a health cash plan from their net salary.

A voluntary scheme gives employees the opportunity to access all plan benefits, but payments are made directly to Simplyhealth from the individual.

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