Financial wellbeing and mental health

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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team | 1st June 2021

The importance of financial wellbeing for employee mental health


Employers have a key role to play in helping to support the financial wellbeing of their workers. Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has added extra concerns for employees due to job insecurity, furlough schemes and caring responsibilities. This makes the implementation of effective strategies to help alleviate the financial concerns of employees critical.

In this guide, we discuss the link between financial wellbeing and mental health, and how wellbeing initiatives like creating a supportive culture, offering an Employee Assistance Programme, and building a financial wellbeing programme can positively impact the mental health of your workforce.

What this guide covers:

  • Why employee financial wellbeing is important
  • Assessing employee need for financial wellbeing support
  • Building a financial wellbeing programme
  • The role of financial education in a financial wellbeing programme
  • Quiz – test your knowledge!
Financial wellbeing and mental health guide front cover

Financial wellbeing and mental health
REBA Technical Training Series

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