How to implement a health cash plan

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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team | 16th January 2018

A handy guide to implementing a health cash plan: part of the REBA technical training series

Supporting the health and wellbeing of employees has become a growing HR focus in recent years.

Employers are fast recognising the importance of having a fit, healthy and happy workforce to tackle absenteeism, boost productivity and improve job satisfaction.

However, it can be difficult to encourage your employees to take care of their physical and mental health simply by shouting about it. Health cash plans are a fantastic tool to incentivise employees to take good care of themselves by eliminating the hassle of having to navigate accessing care, advice and the associated costs. They deliver prevention before cure, offering your employees quick and easy access to a wide range of health benefits.

If an employee knows they can hastily access a 24/7 GP service or claim back the cost of having that toothache sorted, this can encourage them to be more proactive with their everyday health, rather than ignoring the problem until it becomes a chronic issue.

Health cash plans are an increasingly popular health and wellbeing employee benefit because they provide everyday value and accessibility. This tangible benefit can be used by your entire workforce, regardless of their age or life stage, making a health cash plan a prime option to feature in your employee benefits package.

What this guide covers:

  • Reasons to offer a health cash plan
  • How to buy
  • What the product offers
  • Tax and legal issues
  • Quiz - to test your knowledge!
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How to implement a health cash plan
REBA Technical Training Series

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