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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team | 29th October 2021

The importance of tackling employee burnout in your business

Burnout can impact employee wellbeing in many ways. A deterioration in mental health is perhaps the most evident, but it can also lead to physical health implications, relationship breakdowns or financial strains, which then further contribute to a downward spiral in mental health. Unfortunately, burnout is far from fading away, and an increase in remote working has made it harder to identify when an employee may be struggling.

In this guide, we discuss the key causes of burnout, from workload to values, and the crucial steps you, as an organisation, need to take to ensure warning signs are identified, and action is taken to provide the necessary support. We also highlight the importance of creating the right organisational culture and the impacts this can have on employee wellbeing.

What this guide covers:

  • Why organisations must tackle employee burnout
  • What causes burnout?
  • Identifying burnout – in the office and remotely
  • Creating the right culture
  • Quiz – test your knowledge!