Managing absence


On average, an employee takes 5.9 days off work a year due to illness.

Provide your workforce with a benefit that encourages a preventative approach to their health. They'll have fast access to the healthcare they need, available at a time which suits them.

The result?

Less opportunity for staff sickness and a healthier workforce overall. It's a win-win all round.

Most common causes of short-term absence

Minor illness

Woman at desk suffering with tooth pain

One in 20 UK employees had had to take time off work because of oral health issues in 2017. Dental plans, which have prevention at their core, can be successful tools for supporting employees’ oral health.

The links between oral health and overall health

Musculoskeletal injuries

Man wearing a hard hat and hi vis vest carrying a ladder

Back and joint injuries are often seen as a hazard of the job in manual skilled roles. But they don't have to be. Discover how a Simplyhealth health plan has greatly improved the physical fitness of Baywater Healthcare's workforce.

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Man sat at desk with head in hands looking stressed

With us all facing increasing pressures at work, it's not a surprise that stress is one of the top causes for both short and long-term sickness. Simplyhealth's health plan includes a 24/7 EAP service, giving your employees around the clock access to mental health support.

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No need to take time off work for medical appointments

Give your employees access to the healthcare they need - at a time that suits them

People sat on chairs in waiting room
  • Our health cash plans empower employees to take their health into their own hands
  • They can skip typical waiting times by having an on-demand telephone GP appointment
  • Access to mental health support and advice is available around the clock
  • There's no need for a GP referral or being told when and where their appointment will be
  • Your employees are free to book their own health appointments
  • Getting access to healthcare at a time and place that's convenient to them
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Learn more about managing workplace absence

Introducing the 21st annual CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Wellbeing at Work survey

CIPD health and wellbeing at work report 2021 front cover on a laptop screen

This year’s survey has highlighted the complex challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented for many organisations. While employee wellbeing has been steadily climbing the corporate agenda for a number of years, the last 12 months have thrust it centre stage.


With this in mind, we are delighted to partner with the CIPD for the eleventh year, to bring you the latest insights and trends into workplace wellbeing. Crucially, this year we’re looking at it through the lens of the pandemic. 


Research topics include:

  • Work-related stress and mental health
  • Wellbeing benefits provision
  • Employee financial wellbeing
  • Tackling ‘presenteeism’ and ‘leaveism’
  • The causes and management of absence
  • Managing people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.
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