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We've helped thousands of businesses, and we understand the challenges faced when choosing a solution. We know that getting sign-off is another obstacle too. That's why we've created a series of resources aimed at helping you address those hurdles.

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Benefits for my business

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An employee benefit that promotes health and wellbeing isn't just about the employees. It's a benefit that can help reduce absence. One that supports recruiting and retaining talent. And a tool to boost employee engagement.

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Benefits for my employees

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A health cash plan can support your employees with the costs of a range of routine and unexpected treatments. It encourages them to be proactive rather than reactive with their health. And our simple online portals make claiming and managing the plans easy.

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Benefits for my business


Reducing absence


On average, an employee takes 5.9 days off a year due to illness.1  Providing employees with health cash plans is one of the most valuable health and wellbeing benefits businesses use to reduce absence. With clear and quick access to the healthcare they need, the workforce is empowered to make health-conscious decisions before things escalate. The result? Less sick leave in the long run and a generally healthier workplace.

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Improve productivity


Did you know 84% of companies observe presenteeism?1  That's 84% of companies experiencing decreased productivity from employees. Disengaged employees due, in part, to mental and physical distractions.


So how do we help? By improving access to healthcare. Encouraging employees to seek the support they need, when they need it. It may be through an annual health MOT to make sure the body functions as it should. Or it could be talking to a GP. It could even be getting a prescription of antibiotics. They're all included in the Optimise health plan.


Employees with a clear mind, free of health troubles (physical or financial), will be ready to perform to their ability. Your business will perform to its ability.



Boost employee sentiment


By providing a health cash plan, you commit to the health and wellbeing of your employees. You're taking action to ensure they stay fit and healthy - not just at work, but in their everyday life. Actively promoting good health can create a positive atmosphere. It can help engagement and help attract new talent.

I looked at several schemes and Simplyhealth gave us the best all-round benefits. These have been further enhanced since we joined four years ago. Some of the wellbeing material they offer to allow proactive health management is excellent. They’ll even work with you to develop bespoke marketing material to tackle any specific health issues you may have. We did a campaign on back care as many of our employees’ roles involve manual handling.
CEO, Baywater Healthcare

Benefits for my employees


Improved access to healthcare


We cover day-to-day healthcare such as:


     • Dental check-ups

     • Recovery healthcare like physio

     • And preventative healthcare including GP visits


With the support of a health cash plan, your employees can get the help they need, when they need it. Healthcare becomes more convenient, and more accessible.



Prevention rather than cure


By helping with the costs of routine check-ups and treatment, we encourage employees to take a preventive approach to their health. After all, you don't want your people to ignore health issues because of costs or waiting times; it can lead to longer periods of absence in the long run.


A preventive approach helps maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. And if a long-term problem does arise, there's the reassurance of having access to the care they need.



Simple, online portal for claims


We’ve made claiming your money back easy with our online claiming service. It’s simple to use and available wherever you are and whenever you need it.


Employees can log in to their online account to see their benefit entitlements. They can make claims, see the progress of previous claims, and update their personal details. And we've removed the need for any paper forms.

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The Scout Association has been providing its employees with Simplyhealth’s Simply Cash Plan since April 2006. During that time, we have received excellent service; employees particularly love the easy to use online portal and the swift reimbursement of their healthcare costs.
Payroll & Pensions Manager, The Scout Association

Simplyhealth/CIPD Health and Wellbeing Report

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Trends in absence and health and wellbeing in UK workplaces


The Simplyhealth/CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Survey Report 2021 brings you the latest trends and insights into the world of health and wellbeing in the workplace.


This year’s survey has highlighted the complex challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented for many organisations. While employee wellbeing has been steadily climbing the corporate agenda for a number of years, the last 12 months have thrust it centre stage.


With this in mind, we are delighted to partner with the CIPD for the eleventh year, to bring you the latest insights and trends into workplace wellbeing. Crucially, this year we’re looking at it through the lens of the pandemic. The research has originated from over 600 HR professionals, representing thousands of UK employees.

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Three-quarters of respondents report benefits from their health and wellbeing activity over the last year. 52% say they have seen better employee morale and engagement, 40% report a healthier and more inclusive culture, and 33% have had lower sickness absence.
Simplyhealth/CIPD Health and Well-being at Work Survey Report 2019

Build my business case


To help you to understand the reasons for supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees, and to help you build a compelling business case for internal stakeholders, we've created a series of useful and insightful documents. You can download them in PDF format below. Prefer to have an appointment with one of our consultants? Book a consultation below and we'll schedule a time to discuss your requirements and support you along the way. 

How to build a wellbeing strategy

How to build a wellbeing strategy

A practical guide to planning, implementing and maintaining an effective health and wellbeing strategy. 

Download PDF

Maximising take-up

How to improve employee engagement in their healthcare

This guide discusses how to design a communications strategy to drive take-up of your health and wellbeing benefits in your organisation.

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How to build a business case

How to build a business case for health and wellbeing at work

A five-step process to building a compelling business case to introduce a health or dental plan to support your workforce. 

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Measuring ROI of health benefits

Measuring the ROI of health benefits

Our guide to linking specific health benefits within corporate wellbeing programmes to ROI.

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1. Health and Wellbeing at Work, CIPD (April 2021)

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