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Your questions answered

Where can I find the app?

I already have the Simplyhealth app. Is SimplyMe different? 

How does the community giving element work?

Do all wearables work with the app?

Can I use the app even if I don't have a wearable?

Will my health data change the price I pay for my Simplyhealth plan?

Does the app access my phone data?

What information does the app collect? 

What will you do with the data the app collects?

Why are you asking for my family member's medical information? 

Will any of my data be shared with my employer?

Why are you asking for information about where I live and work?

How long will you store my data for?

Is my personal data safe? 

Is it important to share my health data?

Will the information that I share with you affect my medical records?

Am I able to add family members to the app? 


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