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So far, Teeth Team have helped 13,000 children, across 53 schools and nurseries

Established in 2010, Teeth Team is a child dental health improvement programme. Aimed at educating children in underprivileged areas about the importance of good oral health, their purpose is to improve the dental health of children aged 0 – 11.

Going directly into schools across the UK, Teeth Team takes dental education and oral health assessments straight to the children. Holding face-to face sessions allows them to give kids a fun and healthy diversion from everyday lessons.

Poor oral health is one of the main reasons for school absence, and the single biggest reason children are admitted to hospital. Hospital extractions among pre-school children soared by 24% in a decade. Poor oral hygiene leading to decaying, missing, or filled teeth at such a young age will almost certainly give rise to further dental and other health problems later in life. And 90% of these circumstances are entirely preventable.

With evidence indicating there is a link between poor oral health and the development of chronic health conditions, it's important that we start 'em young. Instill good dental hygiene, and get them brushing and flossing twice a day, every day.


children will have tooth decay when they start school


of this is entirely preventable


of 3 to 4 year olds with tooth decay accessed primary care following our assessment

By taking tooth brushing, fluoride varnishing, oral health education and support directly to schools, Teeth Team is helping children learn the skills needed to exercise good oral health into adulthood. Children who undergo restorative dental treatments often require more complex and costly treatment as they get older.
Caroline Coleman, Managing Director Simplyhealth Professionals

Meet the Superheroes

With the help of dental superheroes:

  • Mighty Molar
  • K9
  • Pre-Molar Girl
  • Captain Incisor
  • and Baby Toof 

We help the children learn the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, whilst giving them a distraction from their day to day lessons.

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