We stand for a healthier world


A closer look at our community impact

We're building a sustainable business that helps people and communities to thrive - healthy change starts here.


We’re constantly looking inside our organisation to ensure that every working day, every decision we make, and every action – big or small – not only helps improve the health of our company, customers and communities, but also the health of everyone and everything we hold dear.

Our purpose:

Neighbours to the whole Nation

People gardening in community allotment


Communities matter. That’s why we’re proud to work closely with people and charities at a local, regional and national level.

Looking out for each other can be a big gesture or a small offer of help.

We’re here for it all. With an aim to always do better.

Neighbours to the Nation

Happier and healthier customers

Dentist gives a school child a dental check-up


When health issues or worries threaten to slow people down, we’re here to give fast access to the healthcare they need. And because we believe prevention is better than cure, we’ll continue to create quick and easy ways for millions of people to live healthier.

Healthier customers

Healthy changes start here

Simplyhealth's car fleet is being upgraded to include eco-friendly electric cars


Our future health relies on the health of our planet. We're citizens of the global community and responsible for our planet's fate. We want to help protect our planet's resources and its ecosystem. 

Healthy changes start here

Healthier inside and out

Simplyhealth colleagues enjoy breakfast together as part of employee wellbeing programme


We mean this both mentally and physically. The health and happiness of all our workforce is always top of our list. After all, feeling good is contagious (in a good way). And when our colleagues feel this way, they pass it on. (Again, in a good way).

Healthier inside and out

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We're looking for the best talent to join Simplyhealth and help drive our purpose forward. 

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Happy and healthier customers


At Simplyhealth we want our customers and the wider population to take control of their health, in fact, we have launched Simply-me a health and wellbeing app that helps you keep on track with your mental health, heart, sleep, weight and activity.


Healthy living plans


Our health cash plans aren't like typical health insurance. They're carefully crafted to promote healthier lifestyles. Whether you have a health plan, dental plan, or pet plan, they all encourage a preventative attitude towards your health.

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School children brush their teeth and learn about good oral health

Simplyhealth's modern working environments created with sustainability at the forefront

Healthy planet


We're working to improve our global community. We only get one chance with our planet. And we believe it's our duty to reduce our environmental impact.


We're making our business operations more sustainable

Working with Bioregional, we examined our business' environmental impact. We're focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and resource use. And already, we're making great progress.


Sustainable working environments

We're continuing to create a modern working environment for our colleagues. This is providing a healthier and more flexible space.


We've been installing LED lighting in our buildings. We've replaced our office carpets with ones made using 100% green energy and from 100% recycled materials. We've used recycled work surfaces in social areas. And we continue to upcycle office furniture where we can.

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Healthy inside and out


We have 30 mental health first aiders across the business there to help our colleagues when they need support.


We are a certified Living wage employer because no-one should have to worry about the cost of day to day living.



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