A closer look at our community impact


We're building a sustainable business that helps people and communities to thrive


We’re improving access to healthcare for all our communities. We do this by helping customers manage the cost of healthcare. We support our colleagues to choose a healthy lifestyle. We assist local and national healthcare charities that support adults and children to access healthcare. And we ensure our business takes care of the planet too. Because people thrive on a healthy planet.

Our Purpose:


Collaborative communities
Simplyhealth's colleagues take part in a local river clean


To create and support healthy communities is part of our DNA. We're built on a collaborative community model. This means we aim to support communities across the UK to thrive. 

Being a collaborative communitie
Shared value
Dentist gives a school child a dental check-up as part of Simplyhealth's Teeth Team partnership


As we build a thriving business, we can invest our pre-tax profits into communities in need. This provides access to healthcare for those who can't afford it.And it helps to reduce pressure on the NHS.

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Healthy planet
Simplyhealth's car fleet is being upgraded to include eco-friendly electric cars


Our future health relies on the health of our planet. We're citizens of the global community and responsible for our planet's fate. We want to help protect our planet's resources and its ecosystem. After all, humans thrive on a thriving planet.

Our healthy planet strategy
Healthy people
Simplyhealth colleagues enjoy breakfast together as part of employee wellbeing programme


We exist to help people access healthcare. That's why we're passionate about helping our colleagues and customers to stay healthy and thrive. We do this through our extensive colleague wellbeing programme. And by offering products which remove barriers to healthcare.

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Do you share our values?

We're looking for the best talent to join Simplyhealth and help drive our purpose forward. 

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Collaborative communities

Simplyhealth support the local community by clearing Andover's River Anton


We support communities across the UK by improving access to healthcare. We do this through charitable giving and colleague volunteering.


Our colleagues have been stepping up to the mark to support local charities during COVID-19 and these are just a small selection of our most recent campaigns.

Andover and Winchester foodbanks

Both Andover Foodbank and Winchester Basics Bank have had their busiest months on record due to Coronavirus, distributing nearly double the number of food boxes compared to this time last year.


Our Simplyhealth colleagues have created an activity titled ‘Simply Food Fest’, bringing festival culture, food and healthy recipes together to raise money for Andover Food Bank and Winchester Basic Bank. The community challenge involves members of staff sharing their photos of healthy drinks and dishes with colleagues. Each photo shared unlocks a £10 donation for these local food banks.

Supporting the Diabetes UK One Million Step Challenge

Staying active is an important part of managing diabetes, the benefits include helping the body use insulin better, looking after sufferers’ blood pressure, helping with joints and flexibility. 


As it is estimated that five million people in the UK will have Diabetes by 2025, we decided to make this our target and challenged our colleagues to collectively walk five million steps over just two weeks.

30 minutes movement challenge for the Mental Health Foundation

Research shows that physical activity can be good for our mental health. And during the challenging months of lock down, we launched a 30 Minutes Movement Challenge. For every 30 minute movement challenge completed by our colleagues we donated £10 to the Mental Health Foundation.

Colleague volunteering scheme

Volunteering is part of our way of being. All our employees are encouraged to support local causes. They can volunteer up to three working days per person, per year. We're lucky to have a wide spectrum of talent across our business. What better way to share it than to support a healthy local cause? 

Shared value


Everyone deserves access to the health services they need. That's why we exist. Sometimes, circumstances get in the way. People don't always have the knowledge or access to information they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. We work with like-minded organisations to break down these barriers. Together, we build foundations for lifelong healthy habits. And we create prospects for a better future.


Educating children under 11 to have good oral health

Our work with Teeth Team teaches children about the importance of good oral health. The project aims to improve the dental health of children across the country.


Poor oral health is one of the main reasons for school absence. And the single biggest reason children are admitted to hospital.


Teeth Team is a school-based supervised tooth-brushing programme. Children receive dental assessments and applications of fluoride varnish. Teeth Team is a working partnership between local dental practices, government, schools and parents.


More shared value projects coming soon

We'll be introducing additional shared value schemes soon.

Our partnership with TeethTeam
School children brush their teeth and learn about good oral health with Simplyhealth's Teeth team partnership

Simplyhealth's modern working environments created with sustainability at the forefront

Healthy planet


We're working to improve our global community. We only get one chance with our planet. And we believe it's our duty to reduce our environmental impact.


We're making our business operations more sustainable

Working with Bioregional, we examined our business' environmental impact. We're focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and resource use. And already, we're making great progress.


Sustainable working environments

We're continuing to create a modern working environment for our colleagues. This is providing a healthier and more flexible space.


We've been installing LED lighting in our buildings. We've replaced our office carpets with ones made using 100% green energy and from 100% recycled materials. We've used recycled work surfaces in social areas. And we continue to upcycle office furniture where we can.

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Healthy people


At the core of our business are our colleagues and health insurance products.


It's important that our colleagues are happy and healthy to be at their best. If they're not performing, our business can't perform well.


Our products are designed to promote and encourage healthier lifestyles for our customers. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and our products help people achieve that.


Colleague wellbeing

We care about supporting the wellbeing of our colleagues. For us, wellbeing is about creating conditions for our colleagues to thrive. Both in their working days and personal time. We do this by giving colleagues the tools and information they need to be at their best.


Healthy living plans

Our health cash plans aren't like typical health insurance. They're carefully crafted to promote healthier lifestyles. Whether you have a health plan, dental plan, or pet plan, they all encourage a preventative attitude towards your health.

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Simplyhealth colleagues celebrate good mental health as part of Mental Health Awareness Week activities

We exist to make it as easy as possible for people to access the healthcare treatments they need. This has been our purpose since 1872, and it still drives us today. We aim to serve as many people as possible in the UK – for the long term. We do this via health insurance services, lobbying, and helping our communities thrive.

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