Dr Sneh Khemka

Chief Executive Officer

I am delighted to have joined Simplyhealth as Chief Executive Officer at such an exciting part of its evolution.  The reason I joined is so that I can help make a meaningful contribution to the healthcare of the United Kingdom by looking after you, our customers, and your health better than ever before.

In a country that has recently been defined by COVID, and with a National Health Service that we all greatly admire but recognise is struggling to meet our increasing health needs, I feel this is a chance for Simplyhealth to really step into the light. I aim to offer people not only solutions that help fund treatment and care, but also health solutions that help them to lead their best lives, remain free of disease and manage long term conditions.  The advent of the digital age in particular has meant that new, innovative services are now available to us all, and Simplyhealth will play a key role in bringing the best to the UK.

Sneh Khemka, Chief Executive Officer at Simplyhealth

A little background on me:  I’ve worked in healthcare for 25 years, most recently with insurer Aetna International, part of the US-based CVS Health company, where I held a senior leadership role with responsibility for giving people access to primary healthcare through digital technology across the world. This included starting a series of successful businesses in India, UAE, Korea, China and Qatar. These businesses, under the banner of Population Health, provide digital and virtual health services to millions of people.


I originally trained and practised as a general and ophthalmic surgeon before deciding to establish my own business. I subsequently sold the business and joined Bupa in 2006, where I held several senior roles until 2013 when I joined Advanced Oncotherapy, a spin-out from CERN (The European Organisation for Nuclear Research), as Chief Operating Officer, with a mission to improve cancer treatment.

I am a non-executive director of the UK laboratory and diagnostics service provider Viapath, advisor to a range of healthtech companies, and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Council for the Future of Healthcare. I was also the resident doctor for LBC 97.3FM Radio for eight years taking live calls every Tuesday.  

I hope that my mix of clinical and business background will help me to lead Simplyhealth into its natural future, but more importantly look after you, our customers, better than ever before.

Sneh Khemka's signature, Chief Executive Officer at Simplyhealth

Dr Sneh Khemka

Chief Executive Officer at Simplyhealth