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Our latest TV campaign tells the story of a community coming together
to improve health and wellbeing for all. Have a watch...

At Simplyhealth, we exist to make it as easy as possible for people to access the healthcare treatments they need

Our values haven’t changed in our 148 years of existence, we keep community at the heart of everything we do. It’s a philosophy we have always believed in and is why 10% of our profits are donated to good causes.

In our TV ad, we draw attention to the important relationship between individual and community health by showing a community coming together to support a young child.


It’s a theme that many will recognise, but Ferris’s story isn’t a real-life case study. We did, however, take great care to ensure that the story represented an authentic experience and approached the sensitive subject matter with dignity.


Ferris is portrayed by a hearing child following auditions with both hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing actors. A number of criteria were carefully considered in casting, including Covid-19 restrictions, child license requirements, availability for shoot dates and consent to miss school.

Ferris represents a child who has developed hearing loss following a childhood illness. He was eligible for and received a cochlear implant. In the UK, most children receive bilateral implants, however, in Ferris’s case, he was one of the few children for whom this wasn’t practical.


In the TV ad we show a therapist scene in which Ferris and his mother work alongside an audiologist.


Since having his cochlear implant activated Ferris, like many children, has benefitted from working with a specialist audiology consultant. In the TV ad we show a therapist scene in which Ferris and his mother work alongside an audiologist, it captures a breakthrough moment in a long therapy programme where mother and child celebrate the wonderful progress that can be made.


The journey for children, and adults, receiving cochlear implants varies according to individual situations and unfortunately, we are unable to show the full nature of these amazing therapy sessions within the time constraints of our TV ad. Instead we have tried demonstrate the outcome and show that over several months and years children can develop the speech and language skills that support them in living their day to day lives.  

Together we’re stronger. Together we’re better. All together healthier.


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