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Denplan dental plans for your people

Join us to make a positive commitment to ensure your people are orally fit and healthy.

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Great reasons to join us


The health of our mouth, teeth and gums can impact how we enjoy life. There’s a tangible link between your oral health and your self-esteem: how your mouth and teeth feel; how you eat and drink; how you speak; and of course, how you smile.


Helping with the cost of dental appointments and treatments means your people are more likely to proactively look after their oral health.


And when your people feel physically, mentally and financially fit, this feeds into the productivity of your business.

They choose their dentist,

NHS or private

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Enhance morale, boost engagement and performance

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Support quality recruitment and retention

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A product for everyone


Whatever level of dental cover you’re looking for, one of our plans will work for you.

Denplan Wellbeing:


Focuses on preventative dental care, helping people pay for routine and restorative dental treatment, as well as providing cover for emergencies.



Denplan Lucent:


Offers cover for a full range of dental treatments with no annual limits, so people can claim as many times as they need to each year. It also covers dental injuries and emergencies.



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Dental product benefits for your people

  • Cutting costs

    Rising everyday costs are never-ending and it’s critical that health is not pushed down the list of demands. Our dental plans reduce your peoples’ financial burden and ensure their oral health is not overlooked.


  • Choosing prevention over cure

    There’s no need to wait for something to go wrong. We help your people live their best lives by taking measures to avoid future setbacks.


  • Anxiety Helpline 24/7

    Through 'myWellbeing' your teams can access tools to support their everyday challenges. With access to a qualified counsellors 24/7 they can gain advice to help to ease dental anxiety, financial, legal or relationship worries.


  • Super-easy three step claims

    With an online three step process, fast and simple is the best way to describe our claims system.

  • The Smile Centre

    Your hub for trusted oral health information to encourage healthier teeth and gums and inspire better overall health and wellbeing.


  • Emergency helpline

    At home or abroad, your people have access to a round-the-clock emergency dental helpline. 


  • Evaluation tools

    My Dental Score is a useful online tool that gives a personal oral health snapshot. .


  • Discount network

    You have access to Denplan practises in the UK which offer your people discounted dental treatments. And they’re easy to find with the help of our ‘Dentist Locator’.


Benefits - for your business


Easy to sign up


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We aim to give you an effortless experience when it comes to setting up your account. You fill in a single form, and we do the rest.


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Funding options*

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Find a plan that suits you:



  • Company funded
  • Provide a flexible benefits scheme
  • Implement a salary deduct scheme



    *Tiered cover available and minimum of 3 employees required for all funding methods below


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    We’re always here for you

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    You'll get a dedicated account manager to help with your business decision and ensure your employee launch is successful and engaging, with marketing and communications support.


    Ongoing MI and data information will ensure you understand how the plan is performing.

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